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YIPE Workforce

We Help Youth Find Jobs

Our non-profit’s purpose is to provide hands-on employment based training/education for youth between the ages of 14-21 years of age. Most importantly, every youth participant will have the opportunity to volunteer in the day-to-day operations of the business based on their career interests. All youth who complete all areas of training will receive a certificate validating their program completion. This certificate will be forwarded to employers as a reference of program completion.



YIPE will secure age appropriate resources in the community so that goals can be achieved if there are discrepancies that pertain to a lack of basic needs or appropriate supplies hindering success. Also, our program’s post-employment follow-up model for new employees will help increase/longevity for youth in Iredell County. YIPE personnel will serve as a liaison between our youth and the employers to create partnerships as well as to settle conflicts and misunderstandings when deemed necessary or requested by YIPE participants.  



YIPE training for youth involves:
• Effective Communication
• Public Speaking
• Attending Community Meetings
• Proper Interviewing Skills
• Networking in the Business Setting
• Workplace Etiquette
• Workplace Attire
• Cell Phone / Electronics in the Workplace
• Person-Centered Goals
• Documenting Short/Long Term Employment Goals
• Financial Literacy
• Lifetime Sustainability

“Being able to communicate right is important. It helps me at home and in school.”
“YIPE is such a fun place to be. I am allowed to be a leader!”
“Group role playing can be fun & scary at the same time.”