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<b>Tonya Wilson Reid</b>– Iredell Statesville Schools

Tonya Wilson Reid– Iredell Statesville Schools

Board Chair

Tonya Wilson Reid is a native of Statesville, North Carolina. She attended public school and graduated from Statesville High School in 1984. She went on to attend Western Carolina University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work in 1988. Her background includes serving as a social worker in various children and family service environments for the past 27 years. Currently, she works as a School Social Worker and is the McKinney Vento Homeless Education Program District Liaison for Iredell-Statesville Schools. Reid has worked diligently in her community trying to bring about positive change. Reid looks back on all of her work and she knows that she was dedicated to her work and she worked from her heart and professional base. Reid knows that she has made a difference in many childrens' and adults' lives.

<b>Grant Gaither</b> – Owen Graffix

Grant Gaither – Owen Graffix


Grant has a passion to lead, grow and create. Starting his own creative agency was just the start of the journey. Since then, he has married, became a father, leader for his church’s youth, coach, and mentor through YIPE to grow the next business professionals and leaders of the community among other things. The youth of our communities will bring change. Whether it’s positive or negative is up to how we lead the next generations.

<b>Joann McHargue Abernathy</b> – McHargue & Assoc.

Joann McHargue Abernathy – McHargue & Assoc.

Fundraising Chair

Joann has been a Yipe Boardmember since 2019. She obtained a Master's degree in Business Administration, minoring in finance in 2006. She became a certified bookkeeper with the American Association of Bookkeepers in 2017 and a Notary in 1994. MHA has been a member of the Statesville Chamber since 2017, Leading Ladies since 2019. Prior to opening McHargue & Associates in 2012 Joann worked in corporate USA as an accountant and CFO, while also cultivating a side business as a tax preparer.

<b>Valerie Chambers</b>

Valerie Chambers


Valerie served the Greater Statesville Chamber of Commerce for 17 years and has earned credentials with the US Chamber at the Institute for Organizational Management (IOM). After serving and excelling as Membership Director for 12 years she was promoted as Special Events Director in 2014. As Special Events Director she was responsible for planning, managing, organizing and the implementation of multiple events . She is a graduate of the Institute for Organizational Management. Valerie also sits (and has sat) on the Board of Directors of the Iredell Museums, Iredell Performing Arts, Iredell Christian Ministries and YIPE In Iredell County Inc., Rotary Club of Greater Statesville and is also a Paul Harris Fellow with the Rotary Club of Greater Statesville, Valerie has lead the Ambassadors program, facilitates The Noon Network leads group and implemented the Statesville's Leading Ladies Networking Group. Valerie is very active within the community and region. Her motto is “Alone, We Can Do So Little; Together We Can Do So Much”

<b> Eartha Sharpe-Hoover</b> – Walmart(retired)

Eartha Sharpe-Hoover – Walmart(retired)


Eartha has been married for 20 years. She is the mother of three children and has fostered six others and is a 1975 graduate of Statesville High. Eartha is very involved in Statesville's community. She is on the volunteer staff at Rutledge & Bighman Funeral Home. She also sits on the board, as secretary, of the AARP Chapter 3224 located in Mooresville. Additionally, she is the health reporter and chapter photographer. Eartha is a member of the Statesville "Circle of Giving" a non-profit organization dedicated to helping other women in need. A member of the "Divas Fighting Like Girls", an organization involved in the fight against breast cancer, she is a member of their hospitality committee. And she is active in her several women's group of Holsey Memorial CME Church. Eartha's philosophy in life is, "the greatest gift God gave us, outside of life, is each other. How we treat others is on us."

<b>Brad Ogden-Reigner</b> – Professional Chef

Brad Ogden-Reigner – Professional Chef


Brad recently moved to Statesville from Pennsylvania and has quickly become an active member of our local community. Brad is a graduate of East Stroudsburg University where he studied Acting and Directing, as well as Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management. Chef Brad has worked in the restaurant business in both the Pocono Mountains and the greater Philadelphia area for over 20 years and looks forward to serving up his brand of cuisine here in Statesville. In addition to food and wine, Brad’s other passion is Theatre. He is a founding member of the Prospect Theater Company. He also co-wrote and directed the Off Broadway show Rivers Current in 2010, and taught children’s musical theatre classes at the Pocono Academy of Dance and Theatre Arts. Brad has served on the board of several non profits before moving to North Carolina, focusing on fundraising and community organizing. He is excited to work with YIPE to help make a difference in the lives of our most valuable resource - our youth!

<b>Dr. Rachel Rader</b>

Dr. Rachel Rader


Dr. Rachel Rader practices in Statesville and specializes in complex wound care and diabetic limb salvage. She is the wife of Dr. Dale Rader a Statesville orthopedic surgeon. The couple have 3 children. In her free time Dr. Rader volunteers at a Statesville homeless shelter where she sees underserved and low income patients in a free clinic and does a medical lecture education program for future grant funding. Dr. Rader enjoys volunteering for various community service projects, she loves to travel, interior design and event planning. Dr. Rader believes that kindness is the most beautiful trait you can have, for a kind heart will always shine brightly! She is excited to be on the Board of Directors for YIPE and enjoys empowering our youth.

<b>Marci Sigmon</b> – City of Statesville

Marci Sigmon – City of Statesville


Marci Sigmon is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and has worked in local government for over 20 years. Her experience in local government including the City of Charlotte, Catawba County, and City of Statesville has enabled her to work closely with the citizens of various entities to improve the quality of life and enhance community experiences. Currently, she manages the Historic Preservation and Downtown Design Review Programs at the City of Statesville. Marci holds a certificate of accreditation as a Geographic Information Systems Professional. She also has experience in the corporate industry through working with the International Banking Division at Bank of America. Throughout Marci’s professional career, she has planned, managed, and organized many events focusing on public involvement. She enjoys serving the public and assisting citizens with various endeavors to enhance the community through services and vision. She is honored to be a member of the YIPE Board of Directors and is excited to assist in the growth and education of our youth.